An Astronaut with a Missing Gear


You know that scene from that sci-fi movie where the astronaut gets disconnected from the ship they are trying to repair? They make attempts to reconnect, but there’s something wrong with their gear. So, they drift away screaming into their helmet, or silently drifting into blackness.

That’s me. I am the astronaut with the faulty gear drifting away from the vessel of my lover through the galaxy.

It’s hard for me to connect with people; out all of my relationships (sexual, romantic, asexual, hook up, VHS & fuck), I have felt a connection with only a few of those people.

This site is for me just as much as it is for anyone who stumbles upon it. I am looking to explore love in all its complexities, and because I am a queer woman, these posts are going to be bountiful with queerness.




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