Lesbihonest, it’s pride month

Lesbihonest, it’s pride month, and even though there is a lot of awfulness going on in the world and around us, we as queers still have so much to be proud of. We have come so far as a queer culture that more people are coming to embrace their queererselves.

A lot can be said about being a queer person alive in 2018 where more than ever before gays and trans and ace people are able to live their lives happily and freely in their own skin. And very little is more beautiful than that.

Everywhere you look there are signs of the queer identity breaking through and refusing to be silenced or made to feel ashamed or awkward or weird or uncomfortable anymore. Whether that’s by simply being who you are and comfortable in your own skin or by directly stating that there exists a safe space. A space for us to be as loud as we want to be.

It’s growing ever important that we do not lose sight of what makes us, us. It is the fact that we are different that binds us together. It is what makes us as s group and movement so special. We are made of our ever-changing parts, and it is only the inclusion of our other parts that makes us stronger as a whole.



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