Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time by K.M. Szpara–Recommended Reading

“Do you know any transgender vampire doctors?”

This story from Uncanny Magazine delivers punch after punch of queer vampire pulpy-ness. In ‘Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time’, we meet Finley Hall a trans man out for a pint and a fuck but instead gets turned. This sends Finley down a road of transformation they didn’t expect.

Szpara builds a future world like no other where vampires and mortals live together under sectioned laws that include trans people—in a discriminatory way but still. The city carries all the gritty brightness of a typical urban vampire tale. Keeping it in close first person allows for the reader to experience some very personal matters that trans people face.

To be honest, this is an original story that relies on age-old and sexual vampire tropes to deliver a strong trans narrative.


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