I’m not the type

I’m not the type to come out upon first or second or finale meeting. I used to not do it out of fear. Fear that the world couldn’t be trusted to know the truth of who I was. There was a short time in my early twenties when I frequently outed myself to people. I’d let them know or, without permission, my friends would inform people of my sexual orientation. To their shitty credit, they were usually wrong.

Slowly but surely, I just stopped coming out altogether because I realized people didn’t care. Or rather, their opinions of me weren’t anything that I should concern myself with.

To many people I am homosexual or heterosexual or asexual or confused or bi. My partners range in gender and sexual identity. Some call this pansexual, others call it queer.

I just say it’s me living my life the truest way I know how.


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